10 Things We Love About Asheville

asheville waterfalls

Asheville North Carolina is something else. I mean when we moved here over 20 years ago, we knew it was special, but never imagined that this City in the mountains would be such a desired location. We put a quick list together about the 10 Things We Love About Asheville. Maybe you love some of the same things we do. Please read:

  1. Air – one of the main reasons we even considered moving here was for the air! Our son had breathing problems when he was younger, but every time we can to Western North Carolina, his breathing was so much better. Try it for yourself. Get out in the great outdoors and take a deep breathe. WOW!
  2. Mountains – we now live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Open your eyes and see these gorgeous mountains everywhere you turn.
  3. Waterfalls – in Asheville, chasing waterfalls is a luxury that we will gladly endure.
  4. Lakes – we have lake access in places around town.. from Weaverville to Skyland to Black Mountain to Bent Creek; and so many more lakes in the WNC area.
  5. Rivers – have you floated down the French Broad River in a tube, or a canoe, or standing up on one of those new surf board things? You need to!
  6. Hiking – take a walk around, not just downtown or west Asheville, but around a mountain or two, and enjoy a hike in our wilderness. You may not want to come back to society.
  7. Food – the foodie scene in Asheville huge. Whether you are looking for a quick bite, a meal, or a 5 course culinary experience; there are dozens of yummy spots available, and more opening every month. And the craft beer scene is growing right along with the food.
  8. Family – we moved our family here for a better, healthier and more fulfilling life; and we know so many others who have either done the same, or moved here to start their family.
  9. Friends – as you probably already know, Asheville is a mix of southern hospitality with a little funk to it. The folks here are wonderful and we are happy to call many of them our friends.
  10. Community – between our family, friends and business; we have been granted an amazing life in Asheville North Carolina; our community!

5 Ways To Help Your Eyes

Asheville Eye Exams

Your eyes and vision are extremely important. We have compiled a list of 5 ways to help your eyes in your everyday life. And it is not just about eating carrots either.

  1. Yearly eye exams for health and vision – it is extremely important to know where your eyes are, when it comes to how healthy and what it needed to improve visibility.
  2. Protect our eyes from UV exposure – sunlight can damage your eyesight greatly.
  3. Protect your eyes form high intensity blue light – in this computer and mobile generation, this is a major concern.
  4. Proper contact lenses maintenance – take care of your eyes by taking care of your contacts.
  5. Use safety glasses with all power tools and lawn equipment – guard your eyes, they are the only two you have.